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Well I normally wouldn't post a blog about my nightlife, but last night was the exception. Being that I live in a smaller area the las...

Well I normally wouldn't post a blog about my nightlife, but last night was the exception. Being that I live in a smaller area the last train that leaves from Yokohama station (where I like to go out) leaves at 11:56pm, which is pretty frickin' early really. So anyways last night I met up with a friend at Yokohama about 9:30 ish and headed to a local bar/restaurant. We ran into this Japanese guy he met the previous weekend so he kinda joined our party, then having 3 people that allowed us to get a decent sized table. For reference going to bar in the middle of Yokohama on a weekend is insane, as you can probably imagine. Luckily the host dude that seats everyone is cool with us so he helps us get seated. Anyways I am going to skip the whole female part for this story, so fast forward about 2 hours. I have now missed my train to my station because of this girl....great.. I had the option of just going to my friends place, but this is where my new mindset comes into place. Since living in Japan I have decided to live my life more adventurously. I do any and everything I can now, despite whether I really want to or not. It has gotten me to meet many new and interesting people, and I am slowly racking up stories. Well last night was one of those instances. I decided I was going to just go to the nearest station to where I lived. Keep in mind I am slightly inebriated, perhaps my judgement was skewed of how far I was going to be from home. So anyways I get to Zushi, which is the last stop for the train, and is all the close I am getting. Buses and Trains have now stopped, and getting a taxi from Zushi to my house is out of the question. So my options were:

1. Go to sleep on a random bench/wall/park ect. Many Japanese people do this after a night out and being that Japan is one of the safest countries in the world I really didn't have a problem doing this.

2. Be adventurous and just start walking in the direction in which I thought was toward home.

I chose number 2. I was coming down from my drunken state and decided I could use the exercise. After running into the combini and getting a doughnut lol. So I looked at a map at the train station and headed out. After about 30 minutes I was getting hot and tired. I had yet to see any signs. An hour later I began pondering my decision and thought about going to sleep on the bus stop bench, but for fear that the next morning I would have no idea where I was I just kept going. I saw a sign, 8km to Yokosuka. So there was hope lol. I kept going and by hour number 2 I was beat. I was hot, I was tired, and a headache was setting in. After probably a hundred taxis had gone by I was really considering taking one, but just did not want to spend the money. I had to use the bathroom bad, so I went into the next combini. 2 super hot girls stared me down as I passed to the bathroom, thus boosting my energy and making my night better lol. I now I had the boost I needed to keep going. 2 1/2 hours later I felt like I was getting closer lol. After walking through about 6 tunnels, up and down big hills, and contemplating my decision to be adventurous, I finally saw the Yokosuka station, 3 hours had now passed. I got to Zushi at 12:30, it was now 3:30am. There were no taxis at the station :( It was still saturday night though and the clubs were open in Yokosuka, so I knew there were going to be taxis that direction. I proceeded to keep walking and as I reached the outskirts of the Yokosuka nightlife, taxis were lined up at Shioiri station. Now knowing how much further I had to walk, and thinking that a taxi wouldn't be too outrageous, I finally gave in. It would have taken me another good hour to hour and a half to get home, by that time I could have just slept at the station and waited for the 5am train and caught that and been home at almost the same time. Which I thought about doing in Yokohama, just going back out alone and going to a club or something, but I that point I was really drunk and did not feel like doing anything but sleeping.

Ok so I finally get in the taxi, it ended up costing like 1300¥, yea about 13$, so if I would have taken the taxi from Zushi it would have been at least $50, bump that ish.. So I get home at approximately 4am and am almost too tired to even sleep. I did fall asleep though only to wake up to a goodmorning text at like 10am! Frick that.. So I slept until about 2pm, it is now about 4pm.. so I have been up for 2 hours lol.

Needless to say last night was an adventure. I will never do it again, nor will I miss my train again. If I do, I will be sure to go to a friends, or sleep in a park lol. I don't regret it though, it was an experience that I wont ever forget. Needless to say, I was pretty skinny in the mirror this morning lol, that was nice.

Oh and for the record, I traced my path on google maps this morning/afternoon, and I walked approximately 5.6 miles lol

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  1. Wow..... I need to visit like now. I hope we go through some adventures through Japan like that.

    And yeah you have me beat on walking distance. Furthest I've ever walked was like 4.6 miles, from my house to my school. But I'm up for it if you are. Especially if we're drunk lol.

  2. Way to go Bud! Where theres a will theres a way. We don't need any adventures like that when we visit though. I think i will take the lesson learned the hard way and not miss the train.
    Cool story

  3. me too..Ha Ha so any way what happen with the girl at the club? why didnt you get a ride from the s
    hot girls at the station?
    funny boy
    lov u

  4. lol i dont want to talk about it

    and im not gona ask random girls for a ride home, not to mention they were walking, 90% of people in japan out at night are walking lol. Car's aren't a necessity here. I think all the japanese people I know here my age don't have cars.

  5. Grams & Gramps7/01/2009 1:45 AM

    Wow! You sure are experiencing it all! I don't know about sleeping on a park bench tho. Especially being alone. If a friend or two were with you maybe....or maybe not. Might get robbed or something like that. I know Japan has less crime but it still does happen. Walking for a long while sounds like something I would do first! It will be good to hear some of those stories when you get back. We will probably hear some from your Mom and Dad after their trip! I laughed when I heard you were rejuvinated after seeing those hot girls. Now if they had posted a few girls every couple of hundred feet or so it wouldn't have been so bad would it? You are so funny! Miss you and glad to hear all is going well and you're making lots of friends!

  6. Hey Brian....just wanted to let you know your story made me laugh;) Sounds like you're havin some fun:) Bet you cant wait for your family to vist!!! Me, Ricky and the kids are heading to Birchwood for the 4th of July weekend:) Well, have a great week and weekend and try not to miss anymore trains:)


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