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Well by request of Jordan an update is inevitable lol. I really wasn't going to since I don's have any good pics, but I suppose the...

Well by request of Jordan an update is inevitable lol. I really wasn't going to since I don's have any good pics, but I suppose the few I snapped off my iPhone will do. I forgot my camera at home in my rushed attempt to get ready and get pretty before the picnic; yes that can take quite some time ;)

Anyways saturday I went to Uni Qlo and picked up some clothes. This was my first real time shopping in Japan for clothes. I started off perturbed because I found 2x pairs of shoes that I was really feeling, and both we on sale for like $30 and $40 bucks. Of course with my monster gaijin feet that wasn't going to happen. I was a size 30 here and the largest they had was like 27.5. Boo! I had a good experience at Uni Qlo though so that's good. I picked up 3 colored V-blizzys; 2x Black and 1x dark blue. I may go back and pick up a few more because I am in love with these shirts. They fit so well and the material feels great, not to mention ¥1250 for 3x of them, so thats pretty good too. I also got a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts, and a pair of slacks. Only my slacks from Express fit me now. The other pair is hella baggy and the khakis are getting that way as well. The slacks are really slim cut and they fit great, so I am happy about that. They are also really comfy and offer a variety of colors, so I may pick up another pair too and wear them outside of work as well. All in all I spent about $110 on the 3 shirts, pair of short w/ belt, slacks, and jeans; so thats not too bad I don't think. You have to keep in mind this is Japan, and it's definitely more expensive to live here. Ok so that's a recap on saturday, that evening I came home and drank. Living in Japan makes you drink, I kid you not. I don't drink a lot though, just like one of the bigger sized cans of Asahi usually. Mmmmmm Asahi, one of my top choice brews here.

Sunday: Well Sunday morning I met up with a fellow (ALT: Assistant Language Teacher..An English teacher) because she was having a get together in Yoyogi park. Yoyogi park in in the heart of Tokyo just off the Harajuku Station. For those of you who know about Japan or fashion, then you know Harajuku. For those who don't know, Harajuku is the heart of fashion in Japan, and Japan is the heart of fashion for the world. Harajuku is where you will see all the craziest fashions, outfits, and cosplay. Don't know what Cosplay is? Well type in Harajuku Cosplay in google and then you will get a nice dose I would assume. Anyways yes I did see some cosplayers, no I did not take pictures. I only had my iphone and we were walking pretty quickly, there weren't any too spectacular though, although I do plan on making a trip to Harajuku next month for some shopping. I made a new friend at the picnic and she said next month they start all the big sales; so I told her she's bringing me when she comes. End of story lol. So yea Yoyogi park is absolutely beautiful and it is home to a Meiji Shrine, so we will probably make a stop there to my family when you guys arrive. Shibuya is right there as well, and as some may know, Shibuya is like the busiest crosswalk in the world, it's crazy. There is so much shopping to be done in this area of Tokyo, but my god is it packed. Like unimaginable packed, more so than I even thought. The girls were ridiculous though, so many beautiful girls I didn't know which direction to look, and of course there style was unsurpassable.. Ahh how I love it here :)

Anyways, didn't I say I went for a picnic lol? Yea so we met up with some people in the park and sat down by a pond and all ate and hung out for a couple hours. I drank 2 or 3 or 4 asahi's in the mean time :) After we hung out for a while and walked around a LOT then we went to do a little shopping. Like I said it was hella crowded, but still super fun at the same time. This was a sunday evening and there was a huge line just to get into the Forever 21 store. I looked at some really nice shoes but wasn't going to fork out any more money at the time. So here are a few crummy pics from the day, none of which contain me, though I think I made it onto someones camera, so maybe I will post it up if I get a hold of any pictures containing my sexy self.

My Bento :)

Wine as a gift from France to Japan

Barrels of Sake

Japanese men who support the 50's in America

The Line at Forever 21

On another note I saw this new Green Tea Coke in the Conbini today, is it in America as well?

It's not great or anything, just wondering..

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  1. OMG!

    Downtown tokyo looks so fricken awesome, god i cant wait go there and hit it up.

    That bento box looks astonishing.

    Fricken wine from france haha thats tight.

    god i cant wait to go to tokyo

    man i cant wait to go to tokyo

    ahhhh i cant wait to go to tokyo

    fricken something about this update was beast

    Must have been the downtown tokyo

    haha and forever 21 an american store. Good store though, i like it!

    and the slacks, brians just like me now. Romps in slacks and only slacks so tight!

    Slacks are the best things ever invinted. Next to V blizzys, then next in line are bball shorts. For those summers where i cant even where slacks. Gotta move onto the bball shorts until i can slip into slacks again haha.

  2. i havent seen that coke around yet, but i havent went and looked at drinks either. Looks cool though, is it good? Is it green tea made by coke. Or is it like coke with a green tea flavor?

  3. haha oh yea and the 50s style in japan haha thats awesome!

  4. Haha, yea Tokyo is amazing, a lot like Yokohama though, just a little bigger and more crowded. I think that is why I wan't to live in Yokohama, its like a newer, cleaner, less crowded version of Tokyo; plus its right next to it so going to tokyo would be a lot easier. I did take a rapid train there though and made it in about an hour, so that was fast. Tokyo is dope though, I wish I lived closer so it didn't cost so much to go there, I would go a lot more often. You and I will definitely be hanging out there when you come though. Your going to go crazy with your cam lol. Slacks are super comfy lol. The 50's style guys were funny, they were playing old school music and dancing and drinking lol. It's awesome the different variety of people you see in Tokyo. Thanks for the love :)

    Oh and it taste like the splenda coke with a little green tea flavor, no its not very good, maybe slightly better than splenda yea ...

  5. lmao, the first pic of the 50s guys looks like they were break dancing (a little out of era). It's still somewhat popular in Asia though, is that what they were doing? More pics of hotties requested by the rotor head ^_^ one posing with a FD or saying how much they love rotary. Then after you find her, mail her to me. Damn. I'll go to Japan one of these days.

  6. wow looks total awesome cant wait to see it.
    you got a great deal on all that stuff good shopping dude. thanks for the pics

  7. So Brian....... where are you going to take me when I visit?

    I hope Tokyo.....

    And Yokohama.....

    And Harajuku in Tokyo....

    And some cool spots to take pics.

    BTW find me a hot chick and take a picture with her with you smiling and pointing at her. KK thanks.

    P.S. 50's guys are awesome. There's a music video with those guys in it. They drive old school cars and, bobbers, and rat rods, so tight!

  8. Grams & Gramps6/17/2009 1:32 AM

    Learned about cosplay and Harajuku on google. Interesting! I even learned how to say it by the song they were singing. I'm sure I pronounce all these cities incorrectly because I sure didn't pronounce Harajuku right! Awesome photos. The fasion there is unreal! Amazing. I know you and Jordan will have the times of your life when he visits. So will your Mom & Dad and anyone else that comes to see you. How 'bout that new "friend" you met? Any more to tell us about her?

    Went to see Abby play softball last night. She was good!! it was fun.

    We send you our love,

    Grams & Gramps


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