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Ok so I finally got a collection together of some of the recent happenings.. Lets start from last weekend first. I went out a "themed...

Ok so I finally got a collection together of some of the recent happenings.. Lets start from last weekend first. I went out a "themed" bar called the lockin where you are basically put into like a dungeon looking room for dinner. Then they turn out the lights and people dress up and try to scare you ect. It was really a really neat and fun experience :)

Hostess was cute lol

Then we made our way to a club, that turned out to be a more punk/emo style club to my surprise lol. Not my style but it was still ok and there was some techno music too, which I like. But you can get the idea of the style people there from the pictures lol

The guy in the middle is a teacher who tried on the Japanese guy's dog collar things so he looked really emo, though he isn't. We all talked for a little though and a lot of the crazy dressed Japanese dudes were cool and some spoke a little English. There little English mixed with my little Japanese ends up not being too too bad. This night was crazy though, I saw some really crazy stuff... not gonna go into details though lol

Lets see, Wednesday we had another company meeting, so some friend's and I hit up the usual happy hour at T.G.I.Fridays so here's a quick pic from that.

Then Friday night I met two friends for some dinner, here's a picture of our food for the night, it was pretty good :)

Then Saturday I met some friends for a festival here not to far from where I live. It was on the beach and they had fireworks and food and all that good stuff. It was a lot of fun and I really had a good time. There are many festival's here in Japan during the summer so hopefully me and the family will be able to visit one or two of them.

Samurai on a cell phone lol

The monument at the local beach/park.

Friends and some sexy beast in black V blizzy

Friends and I



Then today I met up with a friend to have some lunch at a really nice authentic Thai restaurant. The food was really good and it's really close, so I will be going there more often now :)

And then to top my day off I bought a new razor. Mine was a deathtrap because the screen was ripped up and I was mm's from cutting my jugular every time I wanted to shave and get pretty lol. So seeming the screen was $20 on base..and it needed new blades, I bought this new razor for $40 instead. I mean, just look at it, its cool lol.

Ok so that's been the past 2 weeks of my life.. of course there was more but that's all I documented or want to talk about lol

I hope everyone is doing well and I cant wait to see you guys when you come in only 3 weeks!

To everyone else, I MIGHT visit LA this Christmas time for a short period of time if you all are still around :)


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  1. Is V Blizzy a brand or something? You've mentioned it a few times so I googled it and your blog came up last time on the front page! I googled it today and you're page 4 or so now, some musician took your thunder.

  2. haha

    Jordan and I have many made up words ect and Vblizzy is simply a V neck T-shirt

  3. Holy F you lost ALOT of weight. You actually fit into the category of skinny now lol. I can tell your style has changed up a little too. If Japan can do this for you, think of the possibilities for me. I need Japan in my life lol.

    Also. There is alot of peace sign in this update.

  4. lol yea theres peace everywhere here

    haha i wish i was in the skinny category.. maybe in a few months but thanks for making me feel better haha

    everyone needs a little japan in their life lol

  5. update is great, stuff looks real fun, do you not hang out with the car guys anymore?

  6. OMG bud awesome pics you look amazen really
    looks like a heck of a lot of fun. Enjoy it
    But I still miss you soooo...
    I love you
    Love Mom

  7. Interesting! Looks like so much fun. So many unusual things compared to here in the states. I had just seen a dungeon dinner place on tv that was located in New York City. Maybe it was a spin off. You have really lost weight. It is very noticable in the photos! I need to visit for a year or so :) Would do me real good!!!

    The festivals look like they are very interesting! I hope your family gets to see some like that. They are getting pretty excited now.

    Keep up the great postings! Miss you and love you!

    G and G


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