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So tonight I went to a Japanese game center. First I met up with some friends for a language exchange type of deal over some coffee and a b...

So tonight I went to a Japanese game center. First I met up with some friends for a language exchange type of deal over some coffee and a bagel. It was pretty nice, and I learned some good things, so overall I am happy with it. I began walking to the mall when i ran into my friend Troy driving by, so I hopped in the car with him and we rolled down the streets and stopped by this guys shop. For once I felt like I was home. We chilled outside this dudes clothing store and just talked and peeked for like 2 hours, it was good fun, I love just relaxing outside when its nice weather. Met some new people. The owner of the shop is in his 50's but he's a cool guy. He is from Ghana, Africa and has been living in Japan for 24 years, so that was cool. Also a couple other car buddies rolled through and we had like 4 drift cars lined up on the streets, it felt good, with the exception that I didn't have my car sitting there :/ Anyways after this Troy said he was going to the game center and asked if I wanted to come, so I said sure. This place was really cool inside, and I love finding neat places I never knew of. They had a lot of arcade games and many gambling type games where you play for coins. You basically setup a coin bank account and as you win you just store your coins there, and when you want to come back and play they have a hand scanner that you touch and you can withdraw as many as you want. He let me play with about 30 bucks worth his coins and I ended up winning probably another 60-80 worth, so it ended up good. We played the this amazing drifting game for only 1 dollar a play, way cheaper than the initial D game back home. It had all three clutch, brake, throttle pedals/ e-brake/ 6 speed transmission/ and force feedback steering wheel. You could clutch kick and everything.. it was so cool, but so hard lol.. I sucked bad. Anyways then we played slots for a while which were really cool, you play like a video game with the slot machine.. and then this really cool crazy looking bingo game. Ate icecream and just chilled for about 3 hours. My plan-less day besides the language exchange turned out to be pretty fun :)

Heres a really sucky picture but oh well, better than nothing :/

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  1. I cant even depict what's in the picture dude lol. But the arcade sounds fun. Seems like there's always stuff to do over there. Makes me so emo. Louisiana sucks the big one.

  2. Look like some wizardry shop from harry potter...Im down!

  3. haha yea its awesome, the entrance tripped me ut and i almost ran into the wall haha

    jordan you will see soon, we are definitely going when u come


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