Well I finally got carpet for my apartment today. I had a very difficult time choosing a color pattern from the not so extravagant selectio...

Well I finally got carpet for my apartment today. I had a very difficult time choosing a color pattern from the not so extravagant selection within my price range. I did finally choose though and I think it looks ok. It definitely adds a more cozy type feeling to the place. I also picked up a really cheap mat for out front as well. Despite the fact that today was rainy and I had to carry this carpet and rug way too far, I am still happy with the results. In the process I also discovered a few new stores that have a lot of things. One store is basically like a super target, while the other is like a sporting goods store, something like Academy sports. Also I had a really good soft serve ice cream cone today; so despite the crummy weather, I made the best of it :)

Also I weighed myself today for the first time since coming to Japan. I am not as thin as I was a month ago, but I am still much thinner than when I came. So for all those who keep asking, I weighed 209 when I was weighed my first week in Japan, I now weigh 187. So I guess a little over 20lbs has been lost, though I think a good 10-15 more should be done, because not all of that was fat, I have indeed become weaker I know lol.



I really like the looks of the wood floor, I think it looks better personally, but I just want the feel of carpet. Not sure how I really feel about it but oh well, its been done lol.

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  1. I agree. The hardwood looks better. But I know hardwood isnt as cozy and gets cold lol. The carpet will be better for me when I visit though. Sleeping on hardwood sucks lol............ no homo.

  2. dang your probably pretty thin then, cause i weigh 170.

    Rug looks good bud, Looks better than the floor. I would have went with a warm maroon red, would have made it really cozy/homey feeling. But I think this looks good

  3. Holy cow Bud! 20 lbs! I can sure tell you have lost alot by the pics too. But i would say you are probably at about the right weight for your structure.
    The carpet looks good though good job. it will make it more comfy for us also and probably quieter in there now also? Well only 4 more days and we will be there...Can't wait. Dad..

  4. Hey bud, WOW 20lbs that is amazen sure wish I could lose 20 You look great but I dont think you need to lose any more. Love the carpet it will sure make me feel warm and cozy 4 days omg I cant wait. love u
    love mom

  5. yup only 4 days i cant wait either!

    and yea it does feel a lot more cozier with the carpet in here :)


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