Zushi Beach

So after sitting inside for the last 3 days I decided to go out. What a better place to go on a hot day for a poor man than the beach!? So...

So after sitting inside for the last 3 days I decided to go out. What a better place to go on a hot day for a poor man than the beach!? So despite none of my friends going I still ventured on alone. The beach was packed seemings it was a Sunday afternoon..and it's summer vacation...but as all you young single readers can imagine that wasn't necessarily a bad thing lol ;)

Anyways I swam a little bit, then just layed out for a while. I actually found out one of my friends was down there so I met up with her later in the afternoon about an hour before heading out. Drank a few beers and ate some yakisoba :) It turned out to be a pretty good day.. Seemings I have nothing to do tomorrow there might be a repeat going down lol

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  1. Looks like fun. I miss the ocean so much. Dude I cant wait to visit. It's killing me at this point lol.

  2. lol I think in the first pic, that japanese dude thinks you were taking a pic of him haha

  3. Grams & Gramps7/28/2009 5:32 AM

    Going to the beach sounds like fun! It looks pretty nice there. I like your carpet that you put down in the apartment too. Only you will have to get a carpet sweeper or vacuum or can you pick it up and shake it out? I hope you can do that. Your family is getting excited now. It is only a couple more days and then thet will be there. They all need a vacation real bad! They spent the day Friday and Saturday helping make our fire wood. Pretty tiring! We have a lot of wood though!

    I can't believe you lost 22 pounds in a few months without really trying. Like I said before...I REALLY need to live in Japan if that is the case! Good job, Bud. I bet you feel real good now. I sure would.

    Take care and have a lot of fun when your Dad, Mom and Jordan are there. I know all of you have been looking forward to that for a long time.
    Get your Mom to eat something real different:"

    Love you,

    Grams and Gramps

  4. Haha yea I think I will just be taking it outside and attempting to clean it old school for a while. One day I will be able to invest in some sort of vacuum. Yea come during the summer and sight see for about a month and you would definitely lose the weight lol; portions are smaller and you walk a lot so it's pretty much inevitable. I do feel better though I still need to lose more :/

    Yea I am really excited for them to come now, it's going to be great having company for a while, though it is going to be pretty cramped in the apartment lol. Oh well though it will be worth it. And yea, I am going to try to get my mom to eat a bigger variety of food. Last night a shared this small salad with a friend that lots of chunks of raw tuna in it :) It was really good.


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