Catching Up (Monster Update)

Well I guess it's time to catch up on what I have that wasn't posted while the family was here. I believe all I posted was Mt. Fuji...

Well I guess it's time to catch up on what I have that wasn't posted while the family was here. I believe all I posted was Mt. Fuji. We did a multitude of things such as visiting temples/shrines, going to the aquarium, sightseeing around the city, visiting my work, lots of eating out, going to the beach, going to tokyo, and of course my favorite city in the world...Yokohama.

So lets see. I don't even know where to begin so I guess I will post in the order of which I have the pictures arranged.

Sea Paradise in Yokohama:

Temples & Daibutsu (2nd largest Buddha in Japan)

My Elementary School


And to top it off my cousin is in the Navy and came into port Monday for four days. I had to opportunity to meet up with him and his buddy from Russia and show them around. I had a really great time and needless to say so did they. They didn't want to leave lol. Anyways we had a blast and did a good amount of drinking. His buddy us some shots at a local bar straight from Russia. Basically you put tomato juice at the bottom, then add some salt and pepper, and very delicately seep vodka along the side to make sure it doesn't mix. As you can see from the pictures you get to take a shot of vodka, but it automatically becomes a chaser with the juice at the bottom. It was an interesting mix as you could feel the separation as it went down the hatch. Anyways big thanks to those guys for hanging out and having a good time :)

Ok I think that'll do for a little while lol. I'm not claiming all these pics, any of them that look really good were most like shot by my brother, maybe me if I were lucky. His blog can be found on my sidebar "Jordan's Blizzy". Also if you have any questions feel free to post a comment or shoot me an email, which is located in my profile at the top.

Thanks for reading.. or well.. looking at pictures this time :)

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  1. the aquarium pictures are amazing.
    and the night ones are even better.

    whoever took them did a great job lol. =)

  2. That sea Lion looks boss. The picture of the houses by the bay remind me of my old house. And that tomato juice vodka drink looks gross lol.

  3. Sea lion was boss

    Houses are baller..maybe I need to live in the bay ;)

    Tomato juice drink was ok.. I am not a fan of tomato juice.. I'll drink Snake sake before many of those other liquors.. though I have developed a particular liking for Amaretto Ginger's now :)


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