So back to the daily grind it was today.. 5:30am sure did come early with only about 4 hours of sleep :/ Honestly today was pretty chill, I...

So back to the daily grind it was today.. 5:30am sure did come early with only about 4 hours of sleep :/

Honestly today was pretty chill, I wasn't going to be teaching in the first place because it was the first day back and I had to make lesson plans. Either way though a typhoon was coming through pretty much all morning thus sending the kids him after 2nd period, which is like 10:15am. So after the kids left it became even more chill and the morning was full of meeting ect. I did a lot of sitting around, messing on the computer, and pretending to stay busy. I really should have been making lesson plans for the week, but I just can't work unless I am under pressure. I did manage to make a clock though, from paper, and laminated it with movable hands and stuff. I thought I was going to be miserable today going back, but honestly it was kind of nice to see familiar faces, despite the lack of communication. Don't get me wrong, I would much rather be on summer vacation, but this will help the time pass. Unfortunately the storm was in full effect when I was leaving school, being that my school is like 3 minutes walk from the sea, it was pretty bad. On and off heavy rains combined with pretty good speed winds made for a pretty crappy commute for someone who doesn't have a car. Needless to say I got pretty wet :(

Also, luckily I am living in Japan, and that means lots of random holidays. So I have this full week of school, next week I have 2 half days due to company meetings, the 3rd week is in full, but then I get a 5 day weekend. The great thing about getting extended weekends is not only that you have those extra days off, but that means when the week does finally hit, its almost the weekend again lol. I have another 5 day weekend the following month as well, so those make for decent break combined with half day's. Lastly, I am going to start riding to work with a teacher who wants me to help her English on the ride to work. I did this the last day of work before school got out and it was pretty interesting. Her English is well.. far worse than my Japanese, and being that my Japanese is horrible it's pretty scary. It leads for an interesting ride though and hopefully it will benefit at least one of us linguistically. Either way is cuts out like 20-25 minutes for me in the morning. That means I can get more rest, actually eat, or just spend more time on my hair lol. Hmmm which one will likely take the cake lol

Anyways it feels good to be tired at 7pm and not just getting dressed and ready to go do something lol. I just ate some egg-roll's and I'll probably munch on some edamame or a burrito later lol.

Ok that's all for my rant

Ttyl :)

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  1. Are you riding with the teacher we met? The one trying to talk to us and tell us where to go? Anyway sounds like a pretty easy month and that is cool that you get to ride with her, not only time but $$ savings also! Just be glad you don't have to get up at 0345!!!Typhoon does not sound nice either how did it turn out?

  2. Yea I will be riding with her. Also said today that mom looked really young, so I told her I would tell mom, and she said she was tell mom for me if she doesn't read this

    Yea it saves money because I will still be claiming the original amount, so maybe saving like 3 or 4 bucks a day, will be an extra 60 or more in my pocket a month :)

    Yea 345 sucks big time, nothing else to say about that least you get home earlier than me lol

    Typhoon wasn't too bad, though they say it's the first of many, apparently a few years ago it blew out some windows, today wasn't that bad but the wind/rain was brutal for having to walk in it and stuff..

  3. I'm glad you're updating your blog regularly again. I was starting to have withdrawals.


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