Mt. Fuji

Well only pictures for now, I don't really feel like making a video at the moment, so maybe later..but probably not haha. Anyways this ...

Well only pictures for now, I don't really feel like making a video at the moment, so maybe later..but probably not haha. Anyways this was amazing. I believe it came out to be about a 10 mile hike. We left my house about 11:30pm the night before so we could cath the last bus to the base. From there we hung out until about 3am when the bus was ready to depart. We got to Mt. Fuji around 5:30am and began hiking. My brother and I finished the hike at approximately 3:30pm. So those were 10 loooooong and vigorous/sleepless hours. Honestly the hike down was the most difficult, because it was all rocks and you were constantly slipping. Everyone's toes hurt so badly from being jammed into their shoes for hours upon hours of downhill walking. I can't describe how bad our calves and thighs hurt by the end of the day. It took 30 minutes of uphill walking to get them sore, so add a crap ton more to that. It started out about 70 degrees, and my estimate was about 40 at the top. You could see your breath a lot of the way, but hiking uphill hours on end carrying a 10-20lb backpack worked up quite a sweat. I honeslty can't describe how tired we all were. We were all also sunburned do to the high altitude/clouds. Mine is finally going away now.

Unfortunately my dad got really sick only about 300 meters from the top and had to turn around, my mom went with him. Both of them would have easily made it if it weren't for that. The air was thin and headaches were amongst most. I blacked for a brief second at the top and had to lay down. My legs were shaking even while sitting, I was in cold sweat, and needed to throw up badly. I drank a whole bottle of water and that helped after time. Dehydration was easy to come by even after drinking about 6 bottles of water. I will never do it again, but it was definitely worth it. The views I witnessed, and the feeling of being where I was, is something that is irreplaceable. Standing on the tallest point in the whole country as you over look pea sized cities and other mountains was amazing. Here are a few pictures from the trip, but as you can imagine, pictures/video cannot capture the true feeling of seeing this in person. Anyone who has the opportunity should give it a shot, even if you can't finish the views on the way up are well worth it.

Other Photos just to give you an idea.. funny to think I was stand at the very top of this a few days ago..

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  1. So I take it you don't want to do this again when I get there huh? All good. I'm sure there are a million other things in Japan that will peak my interest.

  2. I can't climb mountains due to the fear my clumsy ass will fall off. But this is really awesome. That's a big accomplishment.

  3. No Snoddy, never again lol

    Haha yea Claude probably so, I even almost fell due to extreme fatigue and dizziness from lack of oxygen lol

  4. Bud, you said it perfectly something truly to treasure but never to do again, it was awesome and my only regret is i did not make it and Mom left with me while she could have, i truly wish she could have reached the top as it truly is an amazing feet to say you reached the summit of Mt Fuji...Love u guys and am proud of U :)


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