Mobara Twin Circuit

Well yesterday ended up being one of the best days of my life since being in Japan. I finally got to drift! Me and all the friends I hang ...

Well yesterday ended up being one of the best days of my life since being in Japan. I finally got to drift! Me and all the friends I hang out with headed out to Mobara in Chiba Saturday morning.

To being the story:

I got up for work at 5:30am as usual Friday. I ended up at my friends house around 1am. I went to bed around 4am. I got up at 4:30am to leave for the track lol.

So we met at Daikoku Futo around 5:00ish and then all rolled out from there together. We arrived at the track I would say maybe 2-2.5 hours later. There we lots of cars there already, I think there were around 80 in total drifting. So every got ready prepping the cars and what not and then the fun began. There were some really good drivers out there, and some really nice cars. I got to drive one 10 minute round of the circuit which was about 4 laps maybe. This was my first time really driving a right-hand drive car, as well as my first time drifting this car at all. It was funky at first and definitely will take some getting used too, but it was so fun. I haven't drifted in maybe 8 months now so the rush was better than ever before. Not to mention this is an actual track with walls, some hill, and plenty of side ramps to jump lol. I was driving a car that didn't belong to me so the pressure was on. Needless to say I didn't do great. I mean I was in the beginner class because that's what the car was entered as. I was definitely better than most all of the people in that class. Had I had my car I easily could have been up in the better classes. Anyways for my first time with this whole new setup I did pretty good I think. Like I said I didn't put on a stellar performance, but I was pretty happy with myself for the situation. Most all of my friends were impressed to because of the circumstances combined with the fact that no one has seen me drive before. Hopefully now their more aware I'm not some newb with no car who talks crap lol. Anyways I shredded a pair of tires till they were off the bead and got in trouble for manjiing the straight away, apparently your not supposed to do that in beginner lol..So after the day was finished and everyone was dead and afraid of dying at the wheel me finally made it back to Yokohama. We hit up a yakiniku joint and pigged out on ridiculous amounts of meat and rice lol. I finally got home about 11pm after being up for about 30 hours straight I was quite tired. I had the worst headache and I felt dirty as crap from not showering lol. It was a great day though and big thanks to Kevin who let me beat on his car. I know his heart stopped a few times as I came sliding around the corner head straight for the wall haha.

Next weekend we might head out to another track day, so I am looking forward to that :)

Also getting a car is a must.. I am seriously dying inside now lol

My video from the day sucks bad so I am just going to post some pictures from the event, though they are nothing spectacular either.

This is a car built by Weld who is a company that makes bad cars. We are friends with a few of the guys so it's pretty cool. Anyways check out the setup inside. The driver is paralyzed from the waste down so he drifts only with his hands. Custom setup to where he has the Gear shift, Hydro e-brake, Regular brake, Clutch, and Throttle all at hands reach.

Here is a video if you are interested in the setup.

Honda Odyssey Headlights on a S14

My friends 500hp Chaser

The Cresta I drove

Hey this color/aero looks a little familiar...

Sr20det powered hachi with broken exhaust lol

Unique rear over fenders on this Silvia

Tires after I made my rounds :)

This guy was probably one of the best drivers out there. He had some of the best entries I seen all day :)

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  1. Awesome Bud, what is manjiing the straigt away? Is that sliding back and forth? anyway you must have been pretty nervous driving someone elses car new setup and right hand drive and no sleep...:) wish i could have seen you. glad you finally got to do it and hopefully like you said they realize that you know what you are talking about and what you are doing! Have fun Dad.

  2. Yea manji is when you are driving straight but sliding back and forth. I was a little nervous but he said he had full coverage so he really didn't care as long as we could drive it home, I was really to excited to drive to care lol..

  3. Grams & Gramps9/17/2009 9:10 AM

    So glad you finally got to drive over there...especially drifting! You must have been fairly nervous tho. Some pretty awesome looking cars too! I would have been nervous if that had my car. The guy must be a great friend. Hope you make many more like him! Miss you Bud!
    Enjoy your days!

  4. nice update bud, some neat cars i see..well I love you and miss you bye babe

  5. Hi bud
    sure sounds like u had the time of your life drifting. What an awesine time. sure miss u bud
    cant wait for the holidays I know u probably try not to think of it to much so time goes by.
    any way maybe we will see u on tonight 9 or 10
    love u always

  6. Thanks, love and miss you guys too.

    Yea I did have a great time, I was lucky to get to drive. I can't wait to come home either, it will be really nice and stress free :)


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