Just another random update of my life in Japan. I never really stress that anymore, I guess I have gotten used to living here, but I someti...

Just another random update of my life in Japan. I never really stress that anymore, I guess I have gotten used to living here, but I sometimes forget no one else lives here, so maybe everyone else would like to see things more japan related. Not that this post is filled with it, but I will try to keep that more in mind for the future. Was that a correct sentence? My English is going down hill big time lol.

Anyways so lets see what we got, nothing better than pics right?

This was my weekend..

Started off a day early on Thursday with some random paper made characters that were given to me by some other teachers are work, pretty cute lol. You can see my ornament, which I am having all the kids make so I can stick them to some paper Xmas trees I made.

I then headed to Tokyo Friday to meet a friend for some food, drinks, and window shopping. This is one tiny minute piece of Tokyo, I honestly don't like it. I never thought I would be consistently running into people like im packed on the midnight train just while walking on the streets.. It's crazy.. Speaking of which I serious thought I was going to die on the train, we were packed in there chest to chest, chin chin to chin chin, and butt to butt...stupid crazy lol..

We ate some random appetizers and my favorite was this in the following pic, たこわさび, which of course is raw octopus with a wasabi based sauce.. frickin amazing :) Seriously a great appetizer for anyone who likes wasabi..

Then the main course was しゃぶしゃぶ which is a boiled dish. You basically just add all the stuff and meat in and boil it all. Cooking things yourself is quite popular here and is a lot of fun I think. Makes it more interesting lol..

Then Saturday I had Thanksgiving dinner at a friends house, some really good friends for inviting me of course :) Here are some of them playing with ridiculously fast rc cars lol

Not a great pic, but here's some food =)

After dinner and chilling till later in the evening we went out drifting, here is a quick snap of a friends 400-500hp '81 Cressida. Car is ridiculous to ride in and hear in person. JZ motors are pretty sick with huge wastegates lol

Yesterday I spent like 3 hours at the game center with Troy. Played drifting, bingo, and slots. Here is the Lupin slot I spent like a good hour or more on lol..

And lastly this pic is from last weekend at Yubo's restaurant, but I like it. Me and Pop messing around like I am trying to feed him lol. I'm killing some Kimchi and rice!

And that's all, back to work today :(

Ja ne!

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  1. Lol your English is slacking a bit lmao. But hey at least you're getting better at Japanese.

    Tokyo seems cool, but being so close to all of those people would have me paranoid, especially the ladies........

    And I told you JZ's are some of the best sounding engines EVER.

  2. Nice post bud, youll be back in english 99 with me lol

  3. thanks boo boo

    haha i graduated upper level.. so i think i could make it to at least 100a/b lol

  4. Good post Bud, i love wasabi so i think i am in for trying the raw oyster apetizer! Anyway cool project to i really think you have a nack for teaching, maybe its a calling??? Can't wait to see U Luvya Dad. :)


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