I'm still updating this blog, just nothing has really been happening. I started back work again on Monday, and it has been raining almo...

I'm still updating this blog, just nothing has really been happening. I started back work again on Monday, and it has been raining almost everyday this week, which means I got to work and then come home and sit on the computer for like 6 hours lol. I did go to Futamatagawa to take my drivers test, but I failed. Not because I didn't drive really well, But I made a few little mistakes. I almost missed one of the turns because I thought it was the next turn I was supposed to turn at. Also in a 2 lane road I drove in the right lane for a little while, apparently I have to always stay in the left lane, so with those 2 things I failed. I am supposed to be going back the week after next, so hopefully I'll pass then. I talked ot some girls there that spoke good english and it was one of their 2nd time, and the others 4th time. They said the average is 4 or 5 times before you pass. I really think I can pass next time though, so we will see. So anyways here is a picture from inside one of the bathrooms at the station. For those of you who haven't seen or heard of japanese toilets, this is a little breakdown of one. Of course they all vary, but here is one of the more advanced ones. Seats are heated, sometimes automatically raise after your done so people don't pee on the seat, and you can have all the goodies spray your little booty if you want lol.


Here are some decorations I was making for the English room, I am trying to decorate it a lot more this year. I think if I have a bunch of cartoon character's ect with english things next to them I might be able to trick the kids into thinking English is cool lol.


Also I had dinner last night with some friends. It was a lot of fun =) すごい楽しかった!ありがとう=)

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  1. Hey Bud!
    I've been reading your blog all the time...just haven't been responding. It has been soo interesting. I also looked at the one written in Japanize = it looks very informative and all but I don't have a clue as to what it says. It sure looks nice tho.
    I hope you get your license next time. I know how badly you want it so I'm hoping for next time. If not, that wouldn't be unusual at all.
    The cherry blossoms are beautiful and the pictures are great too. That toilet is soo up-to-date!!! Wow, you almost can get a shower with that! (Not that I would want one out of a toilet!).
    Glad for you that you get to stay for another year but not so good for family and friends! We miss you but we know how much you love it over there so we are happy for you. Get to enjoy as much as you can while you are there.
    We love and miss you Bud. Take care okay?!


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