Shopping!!! in Yokohama ^^

Yup so I went to do the driving thingy today, I passed the written test fine and whatnot but then found out that the driving test is schedul...

Yup so I went to do the driving thingy today, I passed the written test fine and whatnot but then found out that the driving test is scheduled to be on a different day. That day would be next week when I start work.... Yea, not happy.. I can re-schedule the day but seemings they are only open Mon- Fri and are closed on public holidays, it would seem as though I have no choice but to take a day off. What really sucks is I will most likely fail and have to take the test again like 90% of people, which would then make me have to take another 2 days off from work to do the written test again, and the driving test at a later date.. Yes this is super lame.

So in order to alleviate some of my anger I went shopping. Really I wanted to go because it was a really nice day today, I am on vacation, and it actually felt like spring. Seemings I have no spring clothes, because last year at this time I was about 45lbs fatter, I need to do some shopping. I really wanted to buy some Tom's shoes for a few reasons.

1. They are stlylish and I really like them
2. They are cheap and comfy
3. For every pair of shoes you buy, Toms Co. gives a pair to a child in need.

Everyone wins!

So to make a long story short, I didn't get any today, one of the few stores that actually stocks them is closed because they are moving, and I am hesitant to order online not knowing my true size.

So with that being said I had to buy something right haha? I headed to H&M inside the super tall building you are going to see a picture of soon called Landmark Tower. I found some shirts I wanted and also some shoes very similar to Tom's. I chose just plain black, I liked white but fear that they will get dirty really easily (and sweat stained) because I wont be wearing socks with them. They were Roughly 20 bucks and are really comfy. I don't know how long they will hold up though so time will tell. They should hold me over until I find some real Tom's.

Landmark Tower


And my shoes


Here is a final pic of the purchases. Polo's will never go out of style. Some new shorts. New skinny jeans, 33 waist yay!! ^^ Colored Tees


Also I bought new earings, a lot bigger than before, I like them lol :) (and yea thats not shaving for 2 days :/ )


And lastly the Cherry Blossoms were in full effect today. Made for a real nice day to be out shopping and walking around ^_^



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  1. cool duds bud. awesome pics too. hopefully you will pass your first time after you show them your luck lov&miss U...Dad

  2. I think that Landmark tower was in the Digimon movie.......


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