Thailand Update

This is just a small update to let everyone know I am alive :) I have taken probably a thousand pictures already but I am using a hotel co...

This is just a small update to let everyone know I am alive :)

I have taken probably a thousand pictures already but I am using a hotel computer so I can't load any up right now. I went to the King's house/palace place yesterday, along with a few other temples and nice areas. Luckily it hasnt been too hot, it was actually hotter back in Japan. I guess I have gotten super comfortable in Japan without realizing it completely. Being here has brought back memories of how clueless and confused I used to be in Japanese daily life. Knowing 0 of the language sucks a lot lol. Anyways tomorrow I will be heading to the island for some beach life for a few days. I am really excited to get out of bangkok actually. I could never live here, not here in the heart of the city anyways. It is really intetresting to see, but it is so dirty, crowded, and chaotic. I would go insane lol. I will be going to a market today that is supposed to have a lot of things for good prices, so I am looking into picking up some cool souveneirs :) I really love the architecture and art though of all the temples. I find it more interesting than the Japanese temples. They are so colorful and full of gold, it is really beautiful. It sucks I can only show you guys pictures because it doesn't capture the size and feeling of actuually being here seeing it in person.

Food and other things are super super cheap. I went to a conbini last night for a few items and I picked up 2 bottles of coke, a liter of water, ice cream bar and a pack of pocky for about 3 dollars. I just ate a big plate of Phad Thai at the restaurant here in the hotel for about 3 dollars too, it would have been at least 10 back home, and probably 12-15 in Japan.

I take tuk tuk's and taxis about everywhere. You can ride in the taxi for like a good 10-15 minute drive for less than 2 bucks, so you cant beat it. The tuk tuk's are really fun, despite a lot of wind they are crazy and sometimes scary, but it's all part of the experience I think :)

As for the format of the blog is it too big for everyone? I don't want you all to have to scroll side to side, because I hate doing that too, but the way it is know it fits perfectly on my computer. Especially you guys mom and dad, y'all have a much bigger monitor with higher resolution so I can't imagine why you would have to scroll side to side. Anyways everyone just let me know and I will try to modify it the best I can.

Hopefully I can post some pics when I get to my hotel in Phuket, I think I will have wifi in my room there which would allow me to use my on computer ^^

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  1. Dang bud, sounds juicy lol. The food is crazy! pad thai for 3 dollars!! I bet the food there is amazing too? OG thai food has to be exciting. Im looking forward to these pics, see any elephants? lol

  2. I can view the blog just fine. All I know is you better take pictures of all the food you eat.

  3. awesome Bud, have fun and enjoy yourself, can't wait to see the pics and stuff. as far as the size of the blog i have not checked it at home lately i check at work so maybe it is better at home. it doesn't really matter whatever works for you. We have been having a great time with Jordan and Chenelle also, wish you were here with us all, :( Dad.

  4. bud what an amazing experience for u wish we were there also have fun be safe cant wait to see all your pics love you tons


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