A Looong Night on Mt. Hakone

*Updated pics on his blog StreetSliders*

So many of you in the drift world may have heard of Hakone Mt. It's pretty famous for being a good spot for late night touge. The mountain is about an hour drive from around where I live so I headed out there last night at about midnight. Upon arrival there were about 10 other cars there. After about 45 minutes it happened. The 2 tone Mark II I rode up in didn't have the best night. The pics will show the damage, but yea, there is no video because it's pretty much black up on this area of the mountain. I tried but no media could really be captured. Being at Hakone ALL night when it's freezing out isn't exactly something I am going to look forward to doing again, but crap happens I guess :/ haha

Luckily we were fortunate to have some friends up there with us the help move the car using a jack as the 4th wheel. Everyone helped out a lot and I know I speak for both of us when I say thanks a lot <3

ehh it's just a messed up wheel and broken arm right?


Yea... that's what we thought too..


Just about everything in rear area was done for :(

Also I just wanted to thank everyone that has subscribed or begun to read my blog <3>


  1. Dude holy crap! I've never seen curb damage that bad lol. Send him my condolences =(

  2. Damn Kevin but yea, been there done that.


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