Sushi Time!

FYI I am going to start trying to write in both languages for more practice because as you can tell my Japanese sucks.. Anyone who wants to correct my mistakes please go ahead.. but for now I think it is legible.. not perfect.. but legible lol

So today I went on base with Juju-chan and picked up a few things. Afterwards we were both hungry so we stopped by sushiro- to grab some grub.. Of course you know I love documenting my meals so here you guys go!

First up is some Tuna with furikake on top.. furikake isn't common in America so I guess a lot of you may not know it, this specific kind is basically dried fish flakes lol.. sounds gross but I love it <3




Next up is a bowl of Breaded Shrimp in Udon on top.. to the left would be Shrimp with cheese!.. and on the right is Eel!




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