Bye Bye 60lbs ^^

So as most of my friends and family know I lost a lot of weight the last year and a half.  I weigh about 155lb right now and when I first mo...

So as most of my friends and family know I lost a lot of weight the last year and a half.  I weigh about 155lb right now and when I first moved to Japan I was right around 215lb which puts me at about a 60lb loss.  I recently went through a bunch of clothes I have accumulated lately as well as some brought here originally.  I need to make a trip to the local store and see if I can sell any of this before I end up throwing it away (unless I find somewhere that takes donations).  Anyways I thought it would be kinda interesting to show.

These are new khakis I got right before I moved here for my new job.  There were ``slim fit`` at the time hahaha

About 25 pairs of jeans/shorts and 40+ shirts that aren`t anywhere close to being worn anymore..

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  1. holy crap thats alot of clothes

  2. Good job man,
    I just wish I had the self motivation to do that...
    What all do you do?

  3. Shawn Snoddy -likes this.

    Maybe I'll lose fat while I'm in asia and just be shredded lol.

  4. Ha, good job buddy! Im on a mission to lose weight myself. I went from 220lbs to 208.I wanna lose 8 more & be good.

  5. There is no way you where 215 that's how much I am and you have never looked as fat as me

  6. Dude I have to see you in person. I can't even really imagine the difference lol.

  7. OMG bud that is unbeleiveable i just cant imagine you looked great when u left AM and now wow
    remember girls like there man bigger than them and something to hold on to... we love u bud so proud of u

  8. Yea that`s not even all the clothes.. I got ride of like 2 or 3 bags full this summer

    Todd just eating healthy, especially at night, and exercising..nothing special really..

    Jason actually I have been 220 before.. the pants are a 38 waist in the picture.. Maybe my stomach wasn`t as big but I have weighed that much.. I did lift a lot of weights and had a good bit of muscle back then too though. Besides you prolly haven`t seen pics of me at my fattest lol

  9. No i guess not bro you might have to post up before and after pics then. makes me sad that im still fat ;-( hahahaha.

  10. WHOA awesome man, what's the secret?

  11. haha thanks but no secret, just the normal eating healthier and exercising.. of course not overeating and sticking to a nice portion doesnt hurt.. i think what i was doing was maybe more than what most people do. I would come home and workout and then eat my dinner which would be a salad or something light around 7ish and then by the time i go to bed around 11 im pretty hungry again.. drink a good amount of water and go to bed kinda hungry and I seemed to shed weight fast that way.. I saw a back pick of u though on your blog u dont look big at all lol


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