I cooked Kimchi Nabe

Ate some Baskin Robins

Went shopping in MM again

Got this app for my phone to take these wide pics :)

Got a new bag <3


  1. Want to take panorama shots?
    There's an app for that.
    Also... shopping again (sigh)

  2. damn this is all awesome...fricken jealous. wide photos are cool too i miss that location..

  3. Lol no shit you're completely addicted to shopping haha.

    Oh and that ice cream cone looks so much better than any ice cream I've ever gotten in the states.

  4. when i went to japan, i saw a lot of guys carrying bags like that... don't really understand for what reason... what do you put in it?

    PS really like your blog alot. keep up the posting! love seeing new posts about any thing - no matter how little!

    from just a random reader

  5. Apps for anything huh lol

    Yea snoddy they dress it up here more definitely.. and it was scrumptious!

    Reggie: Well I would say majority of it is just fashion.. but with that said remember everyone walks here so think about everything you may carry around in a car or something you may wana keep with you..

    For example just on a daily basis I carry my wallet, headphones, 2 cell phones, a charger, a drink, my glasses and contact case with a small bottle of solution, gum, chapstick, and maybe my fake glasses and a beanie... basically much more than I wana stuff in my pockets... Then think about the amount of people are carrying other stuff like books to read or a ds for the train, work stuff, or who knows whatever else lol

  6. ahh makes a lot of sense now. cleared it up quite a bit
    thanks for the response!

    PS what program are you associated with

  7. No problem, I work for Interac Co.


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