Not much really going on lately, just working. I am feeling sick which could be a good and bad thing. Good because I will be going home in a week so hopefully I will be over it by then meaning I should be in good health the whole time I am home.. and of course bad because being sick is lame and I still have 2 days of work..

On a side note I really like this song


Courtesy of Laurante this live version is awesome, thanks man!

BRUNO MARS "Grenade" from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.


  1. You should check out the new B.O.B mix tape. Called No Genre.

  2. grenade billboard session is awesome!


  3. damn thats good stuff man, thanks for sharing!

  4. np! whoa it's weird seeing someone call me by my real name instead of lucky hahah

  5. haha sorry you have a cool name though dont be shy ;)

    actually i just used it because thats what was written and what ur blog link is


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