Asakusa Temple

Sunday I went to Asakusa temple located in Tokyo.  It is one of the largest temples in Japan as well as one of the most popular.  It was pretty cold out, but it was still a nice experience.  I ate a few different foods I have never had as well as bought some souvenirs.  Anyways on to the pictures!

Walking up to the entrance


When you first walk in it is a long street cover with small shops and tons of people

This is a Green tea flavored sweet bread fried bread with sweet bean paste inside.. It was delicious <3

Closer to the temple itself

Picture above from behind

The actual prayer building

The incense pot where everyone breathes the incense and pulls the smoke onto their heads and bodies in hopes of good health and fortune.

The gold area in the center is where you stand and say your prayers

Takoyaki!  Of course I got my order I love me some takoyaki <3<3<3

Then once I got back to Yokosuka it was snowing.. Quite surprising but it was nice and not too freezing cold :)


  1. thats sweet. was it your first time there? I have family in Japan and they actually live in Akihabara lol. So when I visited them they took me here and it was just a couple blocks away. i loved Asakusa

  2. Looks great man! When I get to Korea I'll try to have my blog as informative as yours. Everything except cars lol.

  3. Ya it was my first time there. It is a little over an hour trip for me from where I live. Yea it was a really nice area.

    Haha ya snoddy please do!


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