デコポン (Dekopon) is a hybrid citrus fruit that I recently tried for the first time.  A teacher at work had asked me do I like them but I had never heard of them so I told her I didn`t know.  The next day she brought one in to work and gave it to me.  I ate it tonight and I have to say, it was pretty awesome.  I really don`t care for oranges much, I eat tangerines often I guess you could say, but honestly this has probably moved up to my favorite citrus fruit.  With that being said I would just like to introduce this fruit to those of you who may not know it.  if you see it in your local produce dept. give it a try, it is really good!  It has a very sweet taste <3

It looks just like an orange, but has a big bump on the top.


  1. It kind of looks like they mixed a pear and an orange.


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