Mall of America

I went to Minneapolis yesterday to pick up my brother`s girlfriend from the airport.  Sometimes you pass through these older towns and they are always neat to look at.

After picking her up we ran to the Mall of America to do a little shopping.  I just bought a pair of jeans though.

Before leaving we ate sushi which was ok but somewhat disappointing.  Paying 15$ for these 6 pieces and a tiny bowl of what was supposed to be miso soup was kind of sucky.  Looked good anyways haha


  1. It seems like the longer you stay in the states the more disappointed you are with it. Clothes in the states are too expensive and mediocre sushi in the states is too expensive. Korea here I come!!!

  2. haha yea... food is cheaper here for the most part though, and clothes are about the same I would say.. but service and overall appearance are just incomparable :/

    yay for korea!

  3. The commissary's sushi tasted better! My sushi craving was deeply unsatisfied. :(


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