Relax Time -_- zZ

Been doing a lot of sitting around lately. My brother and mom are at a special cancer hospital in Indiana, and my dad works, so that means I sit home with the dog all day.

I went outside and shoveled the driveway for some exercise today, took a few pics out in the backyard.

Today was my 25th birthday as many of you probably already know, I went bowling with some family, drank a little too apparently lol ^^

I can`t believe I am 25 already.. man time really does fly : / I thought at this age I would be all adult-like and have a family and stuff, quite the opposite I guess haha


  1. All the best with your brother Brian. Happy Birthday ^__^ V

  2. All the best with your brother Brian. Happy Birthday too ^___^ V

  3. Happy birthday bro x-box can only pass so much time before it makes your head/eyes hurt.

  4. SHI BIZZ got it so ruff on the floor lol

  5. wow, good luck to your brother, my family had to deal with the same thing when my grandpa got diagnosed

    i'll be prayin' for ya that Santa Claus in that last photo?

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Yea Santa would be my Gpa haha, he`s had that beard for as far back as I can ever remember, pretty cool haha


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