Drifting @ Fuji (Parked Shots)

Fuji was nice this weekend.  We had really good weather and a nice turnout so here are some pics throughout the day ^^ As you approach Fuji...

Fuji was nice this weekend.  We had really good weather and a nice turnout so here are some pics throughout the day ^^

As you approach Fuji-san

Sick Silvia

My ride for the day (LAs Car)

A girls r33 (she was one of the best drivers there)

Juns Verossa and an awesome 180sx

50mm Front and Rear overs.. Full cage.. Z brakes all around... Inside of the wheels even painted to match the car.. ish was ridiculous.. 

Super clean Laurel

Line next to LA

Troy's 4 ballin sets of drift spares..

Troy's missile Chaser

Clean Laurels.. The white was one killin' it all day

Full mounted rear diffuser on the rear of this puppy <3

Clean s14 with Fuji in the back

LA had a boo boo

Slammed s14


Nice Silvia

More s14 love

What would be my car except 3 inches lower :/  Nonetheless I <3 the color you already know haha

Jun's Verossa with Full BN Aero

Slammed Mark II.. Probably the best driver out there of the day..

Gangsters rip tires and keep sliding all around the track..

Nice interior

Leaving Fuji

Spotted this Ferrari on the way home

Pulled into a rest area to get some ramen and saw this full race spec Porsche.. Check out the glass haha

I'll put up some action shots later, but they aren't all that great either :/

Feel free to link and share, just credit the love <3 ^_-

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  1. Some of those cars are pretty dope. I think the dumped Mark II is my favorite. I like that you showed some zenki love for Jordan lol. Wish you had some video of the cars on track. Beggers can't be choosers though.

  2. Yea I might put up vids later.. Thanks though and yea it was one of my favorites too

  3. ya that white s14 with kouki wing is sex..troys "drift" wheels is ridiculous

  4. The Silvias, the Sklines, the 2-tone Laurel and Troy's Chaser, and LA's Mark2 were my favorite... I'd never be able to decide on one haha
    Looks like you had a lot of fun... I'll be there soon enough lol

  5. I'm sure the green inserts in the wheels are getting get popular with the stance crowd in the States..hehe

  6. After looking at this again.... I need to be on Troys level with the drift spares lol.

  7. Zenki, zenki, zenki! That pink Laurel is retarded cool

  8. Pictures are awesome...has a little bit of everything. I really like that slammed Mark II, Chaser, Verossa and the white Silvia.

  9. Yea most all of the cars I posted I thought were hot.. I like so many of them I cant even pick.. but of course the white silvia steals my heart bc its just so simple and clean

  10. Wow

    White Coupe = My Head Essploded


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