JDM 370z & 180sx

Believe it or not 350 and 370z's are pretty uncommon in Japan. I don't see too many of them, and if I do they usually aren't mod...

Believe it or not 350 and 370z's are pretty uncommon in Japan. I don't see too many of them, and if I do they usually aren't modified. I saw this one a few week's ago and told Snoddy about it. I actually saw it parked today not too far from my house. I left work early to come home today to go to the hospital. I am waiting on my friend right now so I figured I would throw a blog post up. It's not the best in the world but I know the stateside guys like seeing anything over here so I snagged a pic.

I think I scared the girl behind me because I turned around quick and snapped the pic right in front of her.. I think she thought I was trying to take a pic of her or something haha

After my appointment today I took a pic of this 180 and s14. They belong to this guy and his wife that slide together so that's pretty cool. Not long ago it was a r32 and some other drift car I cant remember, they change often lately. I can recall seeing 6 different cars there since I have lived here.

Then I caught Veggie Ramen for dinner

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  1. I can't stand 370Z's, but it's cool seeing one in Japan since I know they're uncommon. The rims on that one are def 20's. God I need bigger wheels lol.

    And what's all in that veggie ramen? I was actually browsing ramen shops back in the bay area last night lol.

  2. Yea I like them more and more though, just the lights I dont like I guess, I like the shape of the rear half of the car though. Haha yea but those are pretty huge, 19/18 stagger would look good I think

    It was bean sprouts, noodles, pork, broccoli, corn, cabbage, tomatoes, and green onions <3 With white pepper on top

  3. you never post pics of s14s. Then you see one and you block it out by a damn 180 the hells wrong with you charles lol...

  4. I'm with your bro on that one ^^ let's see some zenki love!

  5. Haha ok.. well if I feel ok I will be at Fuji this Sunday for an event.. theres bound to be plenty of schassis heterosexual love going on <3

  6. idk seems like japan really lacks on schassis to be honest, i think america takes the spot on that one hah. but we shall see

  7. You driving at Fuji!!! Please say yes, I'll jizz in my pants!!

    BTW finally got my blog update in. It's about some very important subjects to all of "us".

  8. Well when I used to go watch street it was always a mass load of schassis and then the jzx guys

    I could maybe be driving at Fuji depending on my health.. if I dont feel better then no because I dont wana get excited and then pass out behind the wheel lol

  9. I <3 women drifters. Wish there were more in the states lol

  10. i never really seen any pics i guess, id like to see some of the local zenkis though


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