Jordan's Cancer Update

I know there are a good number of people out there who are curious to how he is doing. He is in Indiana right now for the 3rd one week session of chemo. He will have 4 months of this, so only one more month left after this time, then probably have to have surgery to remove what is left of the tumor. Then of course repeated follow-ups ect ect.. But I received a really good email from him last night.

These are his cancer markers in his blood:

AFP Markers

January 3 (16,107)
January 28 (3,391)
February 14 (220)

HCG Markers

January 3 (193)
January 28 (23.7)
February 14 (2.3)

Thanks to everyone for praying and keeping him in your hearts <3

Two more months and hopefully these will both be where they need to be :D


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