Food, Food, Drift

Ok first off I had my appointment and all my tests came back negative for Anemia, Diabetes, and a Thyroid Disease. That's good news but doesn't explain while I have been feeling bad. I am feeling a little better which is making me wonder if it really is psychological :/ I have an appointment with a Neurologist on Thursday though to check some more stuff so hopefully that goes well and wont cost too much money ><

Ok so this is a recap of the last few days.

Indian Curry the other day for lunch/dinner

So they have chocolate beer now in both sweet and bitter. I tried the sweet and needless to say it was not good lol.. but it's just one of those things I had to try ya know :)

Yakiniku tonight with a bunch of friends ^^

Cow tongue on the left, and different variations of beef on the right side.

Beef, Shrimp, and Scallops? I always get the shellfish confused lol

Different flavored Ice Cream for dessert. One Vanilla, one Strawberry, and one Banana. Strawberry was my favorite.. I know you all wana know ^_-

Heading to FUJI bright and early tomorrow morning for a full day of dorifutoooo so get ready cuz pics and ish will be in full effect assuming the weather cooperates. Might even be a little of myself getting some action 0_0


  1. Man any beer in a can tastes terrible. Do they make that in a bottle?

    I need to find some different restaurants around here. All of my food posts are about Eggroll lol.

  2. Oh yeah, how is cow tongue? I've always wanted to try it.

  3. Good to hear that the tests came back negative, I know it's not what you might have wanted but it's at least progress right?

    What helmet is that?

  4. Yum, everything looks so tasty :P

  5. ate cow togue. what has gotten into u boy. when brian was a wee boy he wouldnt even eat any asian food any thing that wasnt pizza,chic nuggets or mac&ch. now look at him. and bud have them check your inner ear stuff maybe you have something going on with equilibrium or something like that. just a thought. it seems like ive been hearing alot about that lately. have fun be careful love u.

  6. No bottle but some canned beer is good, just not as good as the bottle though.

    Yea mom I know lol, but yea cow tongue is good nothing really weird or special though just tastes like most meat.

    The helmet is just a normal helmet I just put stickers and whatnot on it to my liking lol

  7. Streetsliders Sticker :P

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