Panda Pirates @ NOLA Drift

Unfortunately I am not in America anymore to represent, BUT luckily one of the few remaining Panda Pirates made it out to the NOLA event last weekend.  My boy Snoddy went down in his black 350z and held it down.  He ended up taking first place and making me super proud  ^_^ / 

Snoddy is like a little brother to me so to see him excel is a great feeling :)

I will post up a video later when a decent one comes out, but for now here are a few pics <3

Congrats to my boo-bear Snoddy <333


  1. Thanks for the support boo bear! It means a lot.

    If anyone wants to check out some in car footage before the video comes out search "Snoddy Box" on youtube.

  2. Looks like a fun event, is that a case of Redbull?

  3. Yup! First place get's a case of redbull lol. Haven't even touched one yet.

  4. This is a beautiful post


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