Pasta Time

Today was a really boring day.  My lightbulb for my room burnt out so I went to pick up a new one, that was 20 bucks : /  After that I went and ate pasta at one of my favorite restaurants.  I don't go there often, not sure why, but I decided to tonight.

Like all restaurants the atmosphere plays in at least half the reason I choose certain places.  I like this place because it is really relaxing.  They place nice music and have a really big TV on the wall to watch movies on while you hang out.  Today they were playing the latest Toy Story movie :)

My pasta and drink set was 800円


  1. What kind of pasta is that? It looks like it has parmesan cheese on it. Looks pretty good.

  2. like always jealous..looks awesome

  3. Ya I forgot what kind it was that's why I didn't post it lol, I just know it was good and the ham was raw lol

  4. looks like a chill place and good pasta


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