Nagoya Pt. 1

I went to Nagoya this weekend and took a couple hundred pictures lol.. Here are a few ^^

Fuji from the bullet train

A standard size Japanese hotel

One side of the Nagoya Station

Outside the station

The outer moat of the Nagoya Castle


Me standing by something cool 

Samurai show (they danced it was hilarious lol)

The inner moat had deer grazing around

Nagoya Castle

Green tea ice cream with mochi and anko.  Also something like Taiyaki (bread with bean sweet paste inside)

Picture when entering the castle

Samurai katana

Traditional areas

View down from the top of the staircase

View from one side of the top of the castle

Plum trees

Around city hall area they had this big clock building that reminded me of Big Ben with an Asian twist haha


  1. Wow, nice trip! Wish I could get some green tea ice cream around here. That definitely looks like Big Ben taken from the bridge next to the "london eye". :D

  2. Looks pretty cool. I want to do stuff like that when I visit. Maybe more nature oriented things though. We'll see.

  3. Fucking beautiful, makes me sad.

  4. Ya we will Snoddy don't worry

    Haha ya Yuta I'm sure it hurts sorry <3


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