The Quake Pt. 2 (Video & My Experience)

I've felt about 4 today since I have been up, a 3 hit Tokyo bay earlier and shook the apartment a little but nothing like yesterdays. O...

I've felt about 4 today since I have been up, a 3 hit Tokyo bay earlier and shook the apartment a little but nothing like yesterdays.

Ok so here is how yesterday went. I taught 5th grade yesterday on the top floor (3rd). It started to shake a little just like seen in the video below. Kids were kinda laughing and joking about it. I was kinda like whatever too because after living here so long you get used to it. After about 30 seconds then all the smiles quickly disappeared and turned to terrified faces. Everyone got under their desks and I crawled under this small podium thing. Kids were all screaming and beginning to cry as the teacher was yelling "it's going to be ok don't run don't run stay under your desk!" All I could do was close my eyes and pray I don't die. I can remember it shaking so hard, the school is old, I was certain the building was about to collapse. Everything was so loud and I felt like I was under the desk for and hour. It let off for a second and everyone lined up in the hall and we all literally RAN down the stairs. When we got outside there was water everywhere from the pool shaking. By the time we had run out onto the playground it was still shaking. Teacher's were running around trying to count kids and everyone was flipping out. I was definitely just happy to be alive. I had never been so scared in my life. I was almost certain I was going to die for that minute or so.. :(

Anyways I got lucky and many people had it and still have it bad, I am just happy to be able to write this up on my blog.

Here's the first video that shows a good vid of what it was like to be inside when it hit. All the news is showing is the tsunami damage so this is interesting. Also the countdown is an alert thing that you can download on your PC or phone to have a warning before it comes. Japan is pretty awesome technology wise.

Also part of a nuclear power plant is having a meltdown right now :( I hope they can contain everything. Evacuation is at 20km right now..

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  1. Wow!!! That's so scary Brian!!! Glad you made it out of that school okay! How are things looking there today??? I've been following it on the news over's your mom holding up??? Poor Sal:( I'm sure after this she's going to want you on the first flight out of there!!!!! Be Safe!!
    Cousin Mandy:)~

  2. glad to hear your alright!

  3. Holy Hell.

    Glad everything ended up ok on your end.

    Reactor-related news is terrifying.

  4. Where was this video shot? Man... my heart rate went up when it started shaking. I can't imagine how everyone felt that was in it. And not just that but then you have to expect a huge tsunami.....

    This is all terrible. Glad you and everyone are safe. Please be careful

  5. Yea Mandy she has already implied I better come home asap you know lol.. She is ok I guess since I am still fine. Thanks :)

    Thanks everyone, and Snoddy I am not sure where, I just know that that's how it was at my school too. Luckily we didn't get a tsunami here yet, and luckily I live up on a hill so if it did come I think my apartment would be safe <3

    I woke up this morning to another earthquake though, I duno when they will stop :/


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