School Field Trip

Well it's Golden Week here in Japan so I have off Tues, Wed, and Thurs, but I still had work on Monday. We went on a field trip though...

Well it's Golden Week here in Japan so I have off Tues, Wed, and Thurs, but I still had work on Monday. We went on a field trip though to a fairly local farm. We walked almost 2 hours there and 2 hours back, everyone was super tired. I went with the 3rd graders this year. So upon arriving we listened to a speech about cows and the anatomy of them, and then about what the workers do on a daily basis. After that we looked around and petted the animals and then ate soft serve ice cream.

After the whole farm thing we walked to a nearby park and had lunch. I had paid for a bento that was ordered prior to the field trip. It had 2 huge salmon onigiri , fried chicken, fried tofu, small sausage, chili sauce shrimp, some veggies, and a steamed chinese dumpling for 700円.

One of my 3rd graders, he's really funny and cute because of his curly hair lol.. not very common for Japanese to have hair like his : )

We walked along a drainage area a lot fo the time and there were tons of Koi fish, as well as turtles, ducks and other random wildlife. We have these hawks around Yokosuka that are really violent. You cant have food out or anything if they are around because they will come down and snatch it right out of your hand. I had one snatch my mini pancake out of my hand one morning when I was waiting for the bus... Anyways today one came down and smacked my head while I was looking at the Koi, I have no idea why though I didn't have anything lol.

Anyways some of these Koi were huge, close to 2 feet I would say.

Then I got home and got ready for a drinking party and realized I was pretty burnt after 7 hours outside in the sun : /

They had interesting toilets at this restaurant : D

Today's special menu was brought to me while I was waiting on everyone else to show up so I took a pic.

We drank from 7pm to midnight so I am just happy to be up writing this blog entry. Last night was epic.. Best Monday in history I am pretty sure haha

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  1. Nice farmers tan haha
    Looks like it was a lot of fun though
    And those toilets are pretty cool, I'd put one in my house.

  2. Thanks haha I didn't think I would get burned really because I rarely do, but I guess after that much sun with no shade did it. Yea they were neat

  3. What kind of restaurant was it? Forgot to ask
    And yeah, I know what you mean... I'm the same, most of the time I'm fine, but sometimes I'll be outside for half an hour and turn into a cherry.

  4. Ya haha.. It was just a local Izakaya

  5. Dude work drinking parties are serious here haha

  6. Brian, your hair is too cool. (^_-)
    Looks like good fun was had!

  7. Makes me think more about that convo we had about me moving to Japan. Don't know if I could do those toilets though lol

  8. Thanks Ruiz haha.. Yea it was a fun day

    Snoddy.. You realize the toilets are urinals right? You don't sit on them lol


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