Pond in the Silvia?

So this is how she sits now, waiting on fenders till probably next week.  Then I will get the headlights and bumper re-mounted up, right now...

So this is how she sits now, waiting on fenders till probably next week.  Then I will get the headlights and bumper re-mounted up, right now I just tied them up quick to get out of the way.

We got a lot of rain last night, found this on the floor when I got in today.  Only on the driver's side, but I am not sure where it's coming from yet.  Sunroof and windows seals are all good so all I can think of is somewhere along the firewall, which sucks but whatever we'll see.

In that time I decided rear carpet was unnecessary and just hinders accessibility to wiring or cleaning up water lol.  I cut it with that thing laying on the floor haha.. Tomorrow I will take scissors and even it up, just wanted to get it out the way so I could clean it up and let it dry out.

I knew I was gona have to bang the fender wells and bring the harness up along the frame like I did on my red 240sx, but it wasn't quite this low this weekend, I guess the coils settled more :D

Removed the charcoal box and bought some caps for the vacuum lines.  I need to redo all the vacuum lines though whoever hooked it up did a crappy job and they are all dry rotted now anyways.  Prolly adding to the sluggishness of the car.  Also removed the maf and filter and saw the MAF sensor has crap all on it so I bought some MAF cleaner and will do that tomorrow as well.  After redoing all the lines and cleaning the MAF is should run a little better I would imagine.

Can't wait for wheels ^^

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  1. I'm digging that color, and yeah at least your puddle was just water. When I got my car, I had about a quart of oil in the back floorboard where the previous owner had spilled it. That thing is going to look sick when you get some wider wheels/spacers

  2. Yea water is better but at least yours was a one time thing, this will continue until I find the source lol.. Thanks man I think so too :)

  3. Looks great man. I'm digging the color. I haven't been keeping up with your blog lately. I'm glad you got a new ride.

  4. Dude water leaking into the interior sucks! It leaked in the trunk of my Corolla and it took me forever to figure out where it was coming from.

    How do you know it's not the window or sunroof seals? Maybe the door jam seal?

  5. Thanks man, for some reason it looks more blue in pictures but in person it's more purple really lol

    Yea Snoddy, well because absolutely no where was wet except the driver front floor and that little in the back. The roof, carpet by the doors, center console ect were perfectly dry still :/

  6. Hey bro my s13 did the same thing here in the states on the us drives side. it ended being that metal strip that meets the roof line right above the door i took some clear window caulking and ran a line of it from the front of it to the back and now 7 years later its still holding up.

  7. Damn, this thing is starting to look pretty cool man.

  8. Thanks Jason I will keep an eye on that then and see how it looks.

    Thanks Kr :)

  9. I spy a supafly leather back seat =)


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