The Verdict

I went with Silver for the inside.  Thanks for everyone comments and opinions.  I went tool shopping today and got paint, some chisel thingi...

I went with Silver for the inside.  Thanks for everyone comments and opinions.  I went tool shopping today and got paint, some chisel thingies to get the deadening off because I know dry ice will cost an arm and a leg here.  Also some of the necessities that I don't have here like a 4-way, zip-ties, some washers so I could make my hood latch work properly ect ect.

Tomorrow I will change my passenger HID with my driver side to see if the bulb is just out or if the unit is broke.  If the unit is broke I am reverting back to normal headlights.  The HID kit is a rats nest and I really don't care to have it.

Bad news is I searched all over for a paint to match the color of the car so I can paint my fenders and couldn't find anything close.. There are two stores I just found out about tonight though so I will check those tomorrow after work.  I really wish the car was just a normal factory color :(

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  1. dude bricks suck for lighting... if we gonna be doing touge u should keep the hids... or at least get a replacement set... they cheap as hell.. I got a new set for like 5000Y off yaj

  2. paint the fender purple... DONE...

  3. Sounds good, but yeah. Like what LA said, HID are really nice to have. My mom has them on her Civic and I just have the brightest standard bulbs in my Volvo, huge difference. Can't wait to see how this car turns out!

  4. My brother also used a heat gun to soften that deadening material up. Kinda the opposite direction of dry ice (which also worked well for him) but it worked pretty well. I don't know what one would cost you over there but we picked one up for ten bucks, I might consider giving that a go =)

  5. Just keep the front fenders white. Fuck it. It's just a drift car right?...... ;) lol

  6. Thanks Tyler I also considered that, I have a blow dryer I could just use that for it. We will see though.

    Im changing the fenders, I would rather have miscolored stock fenders than these giant ass fenders with matching paint. I wont have the money to buy wheels to fill them so I don't want them. They are expensive fenders though so I should be able to actually make a little money off them.

    Yea Todd I changed all the lighting on my 240 back home, I know it makes a difference but since this isn't a daily I don't care much, I might just need a new buld so we will see.

    Jaguhautoworks, I couldnt even find purple paint today thats the problem lol.. but I am changing them for sure now.

  7. go to costco in kawasaki for cheap dry ice from their machine at the the checkout :)

  8. lol im not going all the way to kawasaki for dry ice, they have a costco in yokohama anyways.. Im not gona mess with it anymore for now at least, if I decide to again I will pick some up. Thanks though haha


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