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Haven't been posting much, sorry so here's what has been up.  Front tires are nice and chunked from last weeks drift session in Kawa...

Haven't been posting much, sorry so here's what has been up.  Front tires are nice and chunked from last weeks drift session in Kawasaki.

I was rubbing all over the place so the spacers were almost necessary for inner clearance, as for the upper portion I will be banging those out later after I get my new coilovers on.  Yes I ordered new coilovers.  After drifting last weekend I decided they were pretty much necessary, I can't even really enhoy cruising around because they are so bouncy and noisy right now.

Fronts poke out now.

Gona lower it more once I get the new coils on, but for now this is how she sits.

Also completely removed this EGT sensor as I just had it kinda pulled out of the way for the last month or so.

Went shopping a little this weekend.  The pokemon center was giving out pikachu hats so tons of little kids were running around with them on.

Some rich guys were out showing off there cars.

All bedazzled out lol

This one had a huge wing that said Muteki on it in Kanji (Muteki means invincible)

Pretty sweet seeing this X-Bow in person, its a sweet little car that is made for handling.  Pricing I think starts around 60k so there aren't too insanely expensive.

I had Bibinba for lunch

The new Studio Ghibili movie comes out soon so they had a poster up in the mall showing a lot of the classics over time.

Today I tackled changing the oil and it turned out to be quite the bout.. 

Never seen these in America that I can remember.  Basically just drain the oil into this box and it soaks it all up, tie it closed and bring the box to the store and they take care of it, pretty easy no having to clean up a greasy pan or anything.  It was about 4$.

Not really my choice of oil but it came with the car so I am gona go ahead and use it.  Also installed a sandwich plate so I can tap a temp sensor into it.  I didn't finish today because of lack of tools but its all pretty much back together, just gota put oil in the car and run the wiring and it should be good to go, just hope nothing leaks lol.

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  1. Nice update, ya i have the things you used for your oil at work for are chillers and pumps.

  2. long post.... yatta for poke and gauges install :)

  3. Hope the car is ready to go when I get there.

  4. Yea LA haha much better

    Snoddy it should be done this weekend ;)

  5. man.. I didnt check for a few weeks on what was going on and you posted like 3 pages of goodness!
    Silvia! yess! im happy you went s13 route!



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