Street Drifting in Kawasaki

Need air fresheners? LA changed his wheels and lowered the Cresta.  He's gona get spacers too still he said. ...

Need air fresheners?

LA changed his wheels and lowered the Cresta.  He's gona get spacers too still he said.

Basically last night I met up with some Japanese dudes at daikoku and they told me to follow them out to another spot since cops were heavy.  About 30 min later we show up at the next pier in Kawasaki.  Looked like an effin event was being held.  100+ spectators waving hands over the guardrails on both ends and 50+ drift cars out.  I hopped in the line of about a 10 car tandem and put in work for a solid half an hour.  Felt amazing getting action and having so many people cheering and excited to watch us slide.  Drifting in Japan is completely different from the states.  It's a whole another level really.  Anyways the car did pretty good I did lots of clutch kicking haha.. The chokudoris were super long and drawn out and my car didn't have the power to really push threw them easily so I compensated with clutch kicks and intermittent handbraking.  RHD feels pretty natural to me now so thats good.  I had a blast :)

Got home around 530am and took these pics lol

Then I woke up at 6am to this house centipede crawling on my arm -_- FML

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  1. Good lord that's hardcore. Rub-a-dub dub

  2. Haha thanks trying to be cool like you guys ;)

  3. Nice everything looks like it coming along. waking up to a bug on you has to suck! you ever get that sticker on i sent ya?

  4. Yea it wasn't pleasant lol..

    Yea I did thanks a lot! You can kinda see it in this pic, it's the bottom sticker on the back window :D

  5. What size spacer did you put on again?

  6. did you kill that fucker?

    i found one the other day and got it trapped and threw it in my old oil, watched it die.

  7. i guess I should of stayed

  8. Looking all sexy on top of your car.

  9. Yea I was just jockin that sticker too lol
    Wish I coulda joined bro... glad you got to get it in

  10. Spacer is 25mm, same is going up front lol..

    Yea I killed it haha, damn man thats brutal lol

    Yea Zee I really coulda used ur gopro :(

    Thanks boo ;)

    Ya man well get some action together when you get back for sure!

  11. LA you want me to send one to brian to give to you?

  12. He's in the states for the next month you should hit him up on his blog

  13. Hey Brian, i was wondering if you can help me win this contest!


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