Basic -1992 Nissan Silvia -98,xxx Miles SR20DET Price -300,000¥ (Everything Below) -250,000¥ (I keep the 18" Enkei's) -The Goods ...

-1992 Nissan Silvia
-98,xxx Miles

-300,000¥ (Everything Below)
-250,000¥ (I keep the 18" Enkei's)

-The Goods


S14 T-28 Turbo
3" Intake
Turbo Outlet
3" Downpipe w/ Cat Delete (Unknown Maker)
3" Exhaust (Unknown Maker - Rear section not installed bc I like my car loud)
Bigger Injectors (Skyline?)
Skyline Fuel Pump
Samco Radiator Hoses
New Battery
Blitz Radiator Cap
Engine Skid Plate
Oil Filter Sandwich Adapter
Steal Braided Turbo Lines
New Vacuum Lines
New Spark Plugs
Full Grounding Wiring


Tein Tie Rods w/ Spacers
Cusco Tension Rods
Cusco Rear Upper Control Arms
Cusco Rear Toe Rods
Cusco Front Strut Bar
Cusco Rear Strut Bar
Cusco Rear Sway Bar
1.5? or 2? way LSD (Unknown Maker)
Rear Subframe Spacers
New Coilovers Full-Tap (Unknown Maker)
Fender Braces (Unknown Maker)
4 - 25mm Bolt-On Spacers
Enkei 18x9j +25 Wheels
215/40/18 Tires ~ 70% Tread
Extra set of 16x8 +30ish Wheels/Tires
Pair of R-32 Skyline Wheels/Good Tires


Power Locks/Mirrors/Windows
Aftermarket Mirrors (Unknown Maker)
Aero (Unknown Maker)
Paper thin rolled fenders F/R (Rear a slight pull)
Vented Carbon Fiber Hood (Unknown Maker)
Hood Pins (Original latch still works)
Heads-up Display!
Digital Climate Control!
Momo Steering Wheel
Nismo Shift Knob
Drift Button (Unknown Maker)
CD Player with iPod Hook-up
Aftermarket Speakers (Unknown Maker)
2x Bride Recline-able Seats (Both have tears)
Boost Gauge
Water Temperature Gauge
Oil Temperature Gauge
Oil Pressure Gauge (Not Installed)
Blitz Dual SBC Boost Controller (.6-.7 bar)
ROM Tune
Wiring Harnesses are tucked well
LED Sidemarkers
Trunk is stripped
Rear carpet is stripped
Seats/Panels still intact

All of my tools will be included:  Ratchet Set, Wrenches, Hammer, Jumper Cables, Scissor-jack, Pliers ect.. Nothing amazing, but if you have nothing it saves about 10,000¥ worth the tools.

-The Bads

-Aero is a little beat up and some paint chipping.
-Passenger headlight bracket cracked (Sits sturdy with a screw threw the bracket).
-No Horns.
-AC Needs a charge.
-One of the holes for the bracket for the rear sway bar doesn't line up correctly so one bracket isn't connected completely.
-Under heavy rains a little bit of water accumulates on the floor.  The carpet has been cut out where the mat sits so its easy to dry up but it still appears as though all the front carpet is in.
-No Shaken, I have been getting temp plates to take it out every now and then as a weekend car.
-Trunk lid spoiler and antenna holes covered with tape from underneath and painted over.

The car runs great and there are no engine problems or anything.  It runs super cool (about 65c) and has never overheated on me.  It's a great car and I really don't want to sell it, but I have no other choice as I will be moving back to America next year.  Feel free to make offers but I feel that my price is very reasonable considering everything it has and it's condition.  Thank You

Please send an email to for any questions or offers.

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  1. Great deal. I would love to in a year perhaps but sadly that will be too long ne? Good luck with the sale though. Ask my buddy Derek at to see if he can sell it in Canada.

  2. Thanks but at the moment i'm not gona bother with selling it overseas, I am sure I can sell it locally on the auction if I really need to.

  3. this is a steal. Its such a bargain... its not even fair for you lol oh man, and the tools? Its sad more than anything as I only remember a few pages back in your blog we were giving you our opinion on what ride you should get!!
    Why are you moving back to the states if you don't mind me asking?

  4. when you looking to sell by?

    I can ask around in Yamanashi

  5. I'm moving back to be with family and try to start a career. My current position doesn't leave much room for advancement. Other than that I don't know why I am going back I love Japan so much :/

    LozZz I am trying to sell by the beginning of next year. Thanks that would be cool.

  6. Help me get a working visa in japan and i'll buy it :)


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