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Sorry I haven't been blogging much, I still take lots of pics and stuff just I have been lazy.  Blogspot is gay because it has a crappy ...

Sorry I haven't been blogging much, I still take lots of pics and stuff just I have been lazy.  Blogspot is gay because it has a crappy mobile interface thus making blogging a PIA :/  I wish they would upgrade like tumblr or something.  Anyways I have been trying to cook more lately not only to save money and eat healthy, but also for the sake of being able to eat authentic tasting Japanese food upon returning to America next year.. Anyways lets take a look at what we got here :)

焼きそば(Yakisoba) -  A very popular food at festivals and parties and basically consists of pan fried noodles with veggies and a special seasoning to get its distinct flavor.

野菜炒め(Yasai Itame) - Stir fried veggies with pork or whatever meat of choice.  I have been cooking with predominately pork lately because it is very cheap.  I duno what pork costs in America but I can get thinly sliced strips here from the meat market from souther Japan (right now you have to be cautious where you get you veggies/meat from because of the radiation) for about 88¥ / 100g which is like a 1$.  I made this plate of food for a total of $1.50 not including the sauces and spices I already had at home. 

Went and ate with some friends yesterday.  What you see below is called 揚げそば(Age Soba or Kata Yakisoba) -  It is made of the same soba noodles in the first picture but instead they are deep-fried to a crisp and covered with this saucy topping and loaded with veggies.  It is very good :)

Today after playing Halo for a couple hours with my brother I left the apartment to go get dinner.  It was sprinkling outside, anyways this is what it looks like immediately leaving my apartment.

Tried a new ramen shop today that has daily specials listed below.  Today is Sunday (日) so that means the special is とんこつ塩ラーメン (Tonkotsu Shio Ramen).  500¥ from 11am-8pm so I went with that tonight.  It was cheap so I can't complain but honestly I won't go back.  I really liked the place it was chill inside but the ramen was subpar, of course it was still decent but compared to some of my other favorite shops it just didn't compare.  Glad I tried it though as I have been meaning to stop by there before.

Got my share of the stickers in as well.  I have mailed 2 out so far so I look forward to seeing the cars/people I have chosen rep for the PP family!

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  1. your plate of food looks just as appetizing as the resturants, awesome job i hope we will be served up that this holiday. Maybe u should up date 1 plate from japan the old corell is out of place with your food. the view leaving your apartment is really beautiful. looks so cozy and safe wish so that we could visit 1 more time befor u come home. o well. love you have great week.

  2. Nice post, post more stuff like this educational food posts lol. And daily views of japan. <3

  3. drooling over the food~must resist eating!im on a strict diet!LOL


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