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Well as most of you know I sold the blue Silvia about a week ago.  Starting to look into parts and stuff for my red car again.  Today I went...

Well as most of you know I sold the blue Silvia about a week ago.  Starting to look into parts and stuff for my red car again.  Today I went and treated myself :D  I have been saying I want to really make my interior nice lately.  It is pretty nice already I think, but there are some changes I would like to make.  Drifting in Japan has changed my entire perspective on a drift cars interior.  People here super nice and luxury like interior even in Silvia's if you can even perceive that lol.  Anyways seeing people roll really plushly and still killing it on the streets has opened my eyes to the side of the spectrum.

Anyways heres what it looks like now.

Plans for now are new door panels, redoing all the fabric inside to something classy.  Maybe LV or something like that.  Getting a new stand for my safc and getting rid of that stupid nismo sticker lol.  Dash crack really sucks but I've already swapped a dash before I don't feel like doing it again or buying another one.  I might looking wrapping it in suede when I get time.

Bought a new heavy weighted tall leather shift knob as well as some Dmax style front mats. Not sure how I will like em so I bought the cheaper ones. If I really like em I’ll prolly go ahead and buy a full set. Black/Grey vs. Red/Black was a tough decision since my car is red but all my interior is black. I think I’ll keep the inside neutral for the calm cleanness. Make the outside extra gaudy to get looks while sliding haha ^^  What's your opinion?

I will be in America this weekend for Xmas break!

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  1. I agree with the neutral in the interior. bright colors just tend to get dirty faster anyway. Glad to see you finally come around to being nice an comfy and still do what you want...been telling you that for years lol no sense riding around uncomfortable. cya soon :)

  2. i like the mats, and that knob looks awesome. Good choice on black/grey > red/black

  3. sounds awesome brian! Cant wait to see your progress! Ive been looking for mats like that as well. Love your style! Oh and, Welcome back to the US! :D -Jake P.

  4. Your interior is already really clean when compared to most s13s haha my question is are you going to have trouble fitting those rhd mats in your lhd car? They look great!

  5. Thanks and yea dad I know haha

    Tyler they aren't lhd/rhd specific so they will be fine. They were cheap so they aren't vehicle specific or anything, I'll post pics later after the stuff is in.

  6. Yup probably! Still debating on tint or keeping it fishbowl.. Prolly go with at least a little tintto cut sun like 30% and get like a 8" eyebrow on the windshield as well

  7. That's pretty cool. I didn't know they made universal ones but upon second look they are perfectly symmetrical. Looking forward to those pics :)

  8. Yea man, i totally wish i never gutted my interior >_< But lovin the wheel & floor mats.

    Oh, & about the dash, there is a method called flocking that my buddy did to his SilEighty dash & it turned out sweet

    Google image search : dashboard flocking

  9. Just say no to gutted interiors!! Keeping it clean captain Brian.

    The company that is going to be doing my steering wheel also does dash's. But it would require you removing the dash which you don't want to do. Or you can just look into the dash cover like Jared has on his car. Looks pretty clean.

  10. Ya I know what flocking is just I am lazy right now lol thanks though

    Yea snoddy I am too lazy maybe one day but honestly it doesn't bug me that much atm

  11. nice decision on the look for the interior, where did you find the shift knob?

  12. Thanks I got it at autobacs


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