The Jap Touch

Lastly before I go one more thing.  A new bumper and getting my wing from a few posts ago painted are in order for the near future, but one small thing I did on the car other than my interior stuff is side step lights, or side skirt lights as people stateside would call them.  Basically I got the idea from one of my best friend's LA (StreetSliders).  He had them on his MarkII in Japan and tons of poeple liked them there as well as stateside (from media).  When I got back this was something I really wanted to bring stateside, so I made it happen.  A few people have commented from Instagram and whatnot saying they wanted to do it too but to my knowledge I am the only one so far.  Anyways on with the pics..I chose white color and they are LED so they are extremely bright.  I wired them up to come on with my position lights.