Enoshima Aquarium & Landmark Hotel

My gf was nice enough to book us a room at Landmark hotel the other day.  Landmark is one of the tallest buildings in Yokohama and is home to shopping/restaurants/businesses and a hotel at the top 20 or so floors.   Part of our stay included tickets to the Enoshima aquarium so we did that during the day.

Here is landmark tower for a reference.

First of all here are some pics from the aquarium, which are predominately just of jellyfish because they are my favorite.  They had a really good variety, I would say about 20 different kinds.

Started the day with lunch.

It rained when we were walking to the aquarium and was extremely windy, but on the way back it was barely sprinkling.  We were right by the ocean so the wind was ripping through the streets, a few seconds after I took this pic that sign on the left blew over.

Back to the hotel now.  Our room was on the 56th floor.

Key was really neat, old school.

Bathroom was huge and had a big Jacuzzi tub with this window, it was pretty neat.

The first day was cloudy, off to the left is Tokyo.

It was a little clearer the next morning, you could see sky tree (Tallest building in Japan) easily from the room.

The peninsula on the right is Yokosuka, where I lived/live.

Breakfast view

Left the hotel and walked around a while before going to Yokohama station to head back to Yokosuka.

We had pizza at an Italian restaurant.  I didn't take a pic of the pizza, just the view from the restaurant.

After that we had dessert at a local cafe.

After that I went out to daikoku futo to watch some street drifting until about 3am with my friend.  I'll post that soon. ^^v