I arrived in Ching Mai

I got off the 13 hour sleeper train this morning around 0730.  It was actually a really good ride, I slept a lot and the beds were comfy des...

I got off the 13 hour sleeper train this morning around 0730.  It was actually a really good ride, I slept a lot and the beds were comfy despite the train being kind of sketchy lol.  My new hostel here in Chiang Mai is the Brick House and I couldn't recommend it enough.  This place is awesome, it's brand new and very clean.  They have good facilities like a wash room, bar, small gym and even a pool; best part is it is only 8$ a night.  Oh, and the location is great too.

Let me get one thing off my chest first, wow I am glad to be out of Bangkok.  I stayed 4 days when I only intended to stay two, but got stuck with the trains being too full.  As soon as I got out the train in Chiang Mai it was a completely different feeling, way more laid back, and clean.  Of course it's still Thailand, but it is a way better change of pace from Bangkok.  Bangkok has some nice sights to see and all, but it is really a party city, so there wasn't a whole lot for me to do there.  Anyways walked around here all day, it's super easy to navigate because the whole "downtown" area is a big square surrounded by water, kind of like a moat.  I went and got a foot massage today at a growing in popularity spot.  It is called "Womens Massage Center by Ex-Prisoners" or something along those lines.  I guess the women all working there were in jail and are doing this now.  Don't judge the place by it's name, it was very professional.  It was the best foot massage I have ever had, and it cost me $5.50 for an hour.  You can also get other massages for the same price, but I love foot massages.  I have an elephant riding excursion booked the day after tomorrow. I had a tough time picking between riding and not riding, because of the whole abuse problems that go on here, however the park that I chose to ride with only allows bare back riding so the elephant doesn't get harmed by wooden chairs ect strapped to it.  The elephants are supposed to be very well taken care of at this park so I felt good about it.  I really want to experience riding, so at almost double the cost of not riding, I hope it will be an experience I wont forget.  I'm not sure what I am going to do tomorrow.  I might rent a scooter and ride around for the day.  Chiang Mai is surrounded by the mountains so there should be some cool places to find.

Here's the sleeping quarters while on the train, I had top bunk.

This one was really different, makes me think of what is to come in Cambodia.

I wrote on the canvas close to the top left :)

This temple had trees with lots of sayings that Buddhist monks go by, there were lots but here are a couple.  I like the one that says "If there is nothing that you like, then you must like the things that you have."

Banana Roti, basically banana wrapped in an eggroll like shell pan fried and covered with sweet goodness, very good!

Dinner time on the streets.

I had some freshly made shrimp pad thai, cost me $1.25

The "moat" I was talking about.


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  1. when r u comin to malaysia??

    1. I'm not sure if I will have time, I will let you know in a few weeks if this is Azrin lol

  2. im not azrin btw, just another malaysian fan of ur blog... been lurking on ur blog since the auto-otaku time... -Izzat

    1. Oh ok cool, well if I will make to Malaysia I will post it on here, but I feel like I will not have time unfortunately :/


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