Pre-Travel Prep

Well time has been flying, my girlfriend has sadly already come and gone.  We had a great time even though it was only a couple of days.  That means my trip is starting soon.  Unfortunately I have been sick the last 4 days so I hope it clears up before I fly out.  Today I bought travel insurance.  I was originally going to go with world nomads, because it was recommended in several books and blogs, but after doing research they actually didn't have too good of reviews.  I ended up going with AXA Insurance.  I paid $96 for the gold plan, which was their middle plan, I felt it was good enough.  The insurance is mostly for if I get injured abroad, they will cover medical bills.  Of course there are other aspects like trip interruption and loss of articles, but my main concerns are hospital bills, emergency sickness and things of that nature. The price is well worth the peace of mind while adventuring around, although I do hope I wont have to use it, but you never know I guess.

I wanted to do a quick recap on how much I have spent prepping for the trip.  All of these numbers are rough estimates, but hopefully they may help some of you.  Also, I am not including my backpack and travel accessories I got for Christmas.

$725 - Round-trip ticket (6 weeks into Bangkok and out of Singapore)
$250 - Vaccinations (Typhoid and Polio Booster)
$150 - Malaria Prophylaxis
$100 - Travel Insurance
$1,225 - Total pre-trip expenses

I'm figuring around $25/day for 43 days = $1,075 + (Random expenses) = $1,500

So when all is said and done I am shooting for the whole trip to cost around $2,500usd.  We shall see in about two months.