Yokosuka Matsuri & Arasaki

There was a big Mikoshi Matsuri in Yokosuka a week or two ago.  My gf and I went and ate lots of food and hung out.  I drank of course, she didn't.  I didn't take very many pics unfortunately.  We ate a kebab sandwich, takoyaki, yakisoba, okonomiyaki and a churro haha.  It was a nice relaxing and fulfilling day.

This pic was actually taken from Starbucks balcony.  I met Mr. Knoop (sjknoop on IG) and his bf here briefly.  We had been friends on IG for a few years now, but it was nice to finally meetup in person.

Of course I have been riding my bike and running a lot lately.  There is a nice area to watch the sun set not too far from my apartment by bike.

My gf and I went to Chuo Central Park the other day as well.  Surprisingly my first time here too.  It offered a nice view of Yokosuka.

This past weekend my gf and I and our friend went to Arasaki for some hiking/walking, more walking really but it was nice.  Arasaki is actually really close to my old work from when I lived here last time.  I came here briefly on a school field trip, but I never fully explored the area.  I really enjoyed it and will probably go back again relatively soon.

This little island thing was really neat.

After we finished the Arasaki area we walked to Soreiyu, which is really like a kids amusement area, but they have some nice things.  We ate soft serve ice cream and I drank a cold Asahi.  After relaxing a bit we paid to go into the petting zoo where they have goats, sheep, rabbits, kangaroo, dogs and capybara.

The last few weeks have been nice, and luckily they are about to get even more interesting as my brother is coming to visit in three days.  He is actually moving to Slovakia the end of July to teach English, so he is coming to visit here for a few weeks.  I'm sure I will have plenty to post about in the upcoming near future.  Anyways I am going to enjoy the rest of my umeshu and head to bed soon.  Tomorrow is a work day :/