Scooter and Beach

I bought a scooter about 2 weeks ago on Yahoo Auction, but the guy who sold it was busy so I couldn't pick it up before my work trip.  I got it the other day though.  It's a Honda Dio, actually almost exactly the same as the last one I had while I lived here.  I rode it around a lot today without problems so hopefully it does me well.  I got it for really cheap so I was a little weary, but I think it is good.  It's a a34 model in black.  I might lower it or something soon.

Today was nice out so I went cruising, the best water in Yokosuka (my opinion) is located about 20-25 minutes from my house by scooter so I went there today to check it out.  For those of you looking for a spot like this to snorkel and enjoy the beach without a crowd it's called Tateishi Park.  It is a spot that usually doesn't have many people do to the lack of trains/buses near by, it's a gem.  I wanted to snorkel today, but my gear hasn't arrived yet from Amazon.  Hopefully soon.

I believe it's about 3 meters deep here and you can see the bottom well.  Lots of people snorkel here so I think it should be good, at least for Yokosuka.

This lady had her dogs out on a raft, it was cute.

I seen an ole friend of mine posted on FB he was at a beach house at Zushi so I texted him and told him I'd come over and hang out.  I haven't seen him in about a year.  I had a couple beers there.

After that I jumped in the water for a little bit and just air dried while riding the scooter back towards home.  Barefoot felt great.

I stopped at the conbini for a ice cream snack, it was really hot out today.