Miraikan - Odaiba Science Museum

Last weekend my gf and I visited the science museum in Odaiba.  She has her good friend from high school come into to town visit so we went there to meet here.  We went a few hours early though to visit the museum.  It was pretty interesting and only cost about $6 or $7.

Telecom building

It was a beautiful day out.

There was a neat globe inside the museum that was able to show a live version of the clouds around the earth.

Neat experiment/activity type stuff.

A simulated version of the ISS

Toilet on the ISS lol

Crazy to think about how people think up these engine designs. 

Can't go to Odaiba and not see the Gundam.  They changed it a while back and I hadn't seen the new one so it was kinda neat.  Super touristy lol.

Late night 7-11 run.