Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend was a three day weekend for me.  Friday I drove a couple hours away to pick up some wheels.  My gf took this picture in the parking garage.

On the way home we stopped at Daikoku to use the restroom.  This crazy van pulled up with a GTR engine in it.  They guy was heading to a car show and was affiliated with option magazine so he gave me some fans.  Gf was eating sushi from the Lawson.

The next day we tried to go to this bakery that is very unique.  It's actually about a 15 minute walk from my house, but it recently was featured on TV, which is how we found out about it, and the line was super long.  Somewhere around a 1-2 hour wait just to get in.  Japanese people love lines lol.  So since that didn't work out we stopped at what I believe is one of the better small bakeries around.  It's calles SOIL, and it's right at my station (Kenritsudaigaku).  We grabbed breakfast there and then ate on the train to Yokohama to do some shopping.  After you live in Japan for so long you start to lose the feeling of ya know, "I live in Japan", and it just becomes normal life.  However there are special times that occur every now and then that make you feel how you used to when you first came and everything was so amazing.  Well, I am often reminded of that feeling when I visit bakeries here.  Especially in this instance.  You walk in to a friendly face, an amazing smell, and here comes the juice... The soundtrack of Kiki's Delivery Service playing in the store.  It was instant bliss.

We went for a walk the other day and took some pics of these cute cats.

New limited steamed bun from Lawson with chili inside.

Japanese neighbourhoods.

Daiso (100yen store) is full of Halloween goods right now, I liked this mask.

Game centers (arcades for the US people) are very popular throughout Japan, however there is an old one nearby that stocks classic games.  The best part is they are only 50yen to play, sometimes you can play 2 player mode even for 50yen.  We played games here for a good hour last night and only spent like $4, pretty awesome.

Today we went on the base for my friend's daughter's birthday party.  We had a BBQ and luckily were able to do a little fishing as well.

We didn't catch a whole lot but we kept these.  Minami filleted and fried them up.  There wasn't a whole lot of meat, but we weren't really too hungry anyways.  They tasted good at least.

That's the end of the weekend.  I am drinking some whiskey now relaxing!  Have a good week everyone :)